• A Tiny Introduction to our business

    Our work was born from enthusiasm and hope for the future. It was born from a search. We desired to find something that could represent our roots and we came across a plot of land in the hills of Serra di Mezzo. It was abundant with centuries-old olive trees and blooming almond trees. Since that moment, the “Serra d’immizzu” - dialectal form that designates that place - symbolises our profound bond to the earth. It is a bond made of the sun-burnt, wrinkled, bearded faces of peasants. It is made of the fragrance of the mulberry tree and the Sicilian counry-side, the chirping of cicadas, the clear blue sky and the greyness of the calcareous stone.

  • Our core activity is the production of organic extra virgin olive oil, almonds and pistachios. As you would have the chance to see throughout the website, our products have earned accolades of exellence from both expert tasters and those who simply love food that tastes good. Our firm has grown over the years and more land has been added to the original parcel. However, our fundamental philosophy, the genuineness of our products and our intellectual honesty of our people have remained the same.

    Dr. Messina Damiana

  • Azienda Agricola Serra di Mezzo di Messina Damiana

    Via Bruno Buozzi n. 20 60030 - Castelbellino (AN) - Italia

    P. IVA 01589340429 - info@serradimezzo.it

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